Mom cited: Toddler removed from baby seat to make room for gas can

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Veteran Aurora police and highway officials were stunned by a photo taken during a recent traffic stop, which shows a diapered toddler who is not properly restrained, sitting next to a gas can belted into a baby seat.

“This could be one of the extreme incidents we’ve ever seen,” said Aurora Police spokesman Frank Fania.

The photo was taken during a recent “Click It or Ticket” campaign conducted by the Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement.

The car was stopped May 30 by an officer doing improper turn enforcement near East Iliff Avenue and Tower Road. He found that none of the occupants were using seat belts.

A 14-year-old was also a passenger in the car. The female driver, the mother of children, was cited for no proof of insurance and three counts of seat belt violations, Fania said.

The driver’s name was not released.

Under Colorado law, the boy should have been placed in a rear-or-forward facing car seat, said Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman Stacey Stegman.

The photo drew wide attention when it was posted on CDOT’s Facebook page. “People were pretty outraged,” Stegman said. “Besides not wearing seat belts, people were also angry about the gas can. Even if it was empty, people worried the boy was being exposed to toxic fumes.”


Woman accused of castrating man with bare hands

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Police in Shelby say they arrested a woman over the weekend after she squeezed a man’s testicles out of his scrotum.

Joyce Maxine Gregory, 35, is charged with malicious castration and assault inflicting serious bodily injury, according to Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford.

Police say Gregory got into an argument with an older man Saturday morning. When he went outside to call 911 she followed him and grabbed his scrotum.

The man ran to a nearby rescue squad building for help.

Police were sent to the residence on Bowman Street to arrest Gregory. When she was placed in the patrol car, she pulled down her pants and urinated in the backseat.

Gregory’s bond was set at $20,000.

Toddler flips SUV down driveway while parents sleep, deputies say

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Deputies say a 2-year-old girl grabbed the keys to her parents SUV while they were asleep, rolled the vehicle out of the driveway, and flipped it in a neighbor’s yard.

The incident happened just before 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Celanese and Twin Lakes Roads in Rock Hill, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were dispatched to a call of a child in the roadway. When they arrived at the scene, they found a Chevy Tahoe on its side in the ditch on Celanese Road.

A witness at the scene told the deputies that while he was driving down the road he saw the SUV roll down the steep driveway, make a turn in the road, and roll onto the curb before it flipped onto its side an landed in the ditch.

An unknown person then helped the toddler out of the vehicle and held the child until authorities arrived, according to EMS.

The child was unharmed.

The deputies then went to the home where it was believed the child and the SUV came from and found both the parents asleep in a upstairs room.

The parents told the deputies that they had fallen asleep while their daughter was watching cartoons, and that they thought the keys to the vehicle were in a safe place, according to the report.

An investigator from the York County Department of Social Services was notified of the incident and arrived on scene to investigate.

At this time there is no word if any charges will be filed.

Arrest Made After School Bus Joyride

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A Carteret County woman was arrested after investigators said she vandalized seven school buses before stealing one of them, wanting to take it about 3,000 miles to California.

It was a very strange start to the school week Monday at Morehead City Primary School, as parents were told school would start late because seven buses were vandalized.

Morehead City Police said Jillian Tetterton, 22, showed up at Morehead City Primary School intoxicated very early Monday morning. Carteret County Superintendent Dr. Dan Novey said seven school buses were vandalized. The doors were pried open, fire extinguisher foam had been sprayed everywhere and the contents of the bus were thrown all over the place, but that wasn’t all. Police said Tetteron found a hidden key in a bus for special needs children and drove it to a friend’s house with plans to take it to California.

“It was ridiculous, I couldn’t believe someone rolled up in my house with a stolen school bus,” Benjamin Gutherie said.

Guthrie says his wife, Crystal, was an former friend of Tetterton. Guthrie said Tetterton had been over at their house Sunday night because Tetterton was going through a bad breakup, but she then disappeared. Guthrie and his wife looked for her, but couldn’t find her. Hours later, Guthrie said, Tetterton showed up at the house with the school bus saying she wanted to go to California. Guthrie said he wanted nothing to do with it, so he called the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office. Jillian Tetterton was arrested and charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, eight charges of breaking and entering in a motor vehicle, five counts of damage to property and DWI, according to police.

“I just thank the lord she didn’t kill somebody on her way back here,” said Tammy Mercer, Gutherie’s mother-in-law.

Gutherie, meanwhile, said Tetterton is no longer welcome in his home.

“People get drunk and what not, as long as they have someone around to take care of them, I’m OK with that,” Guthrie said, “but when you start showing up with stolen school buses, that’s where I draw the line.”

Novey said the situation is frustrating because the school will have to spend money on cleaning and repairing the buses and they say that’s money they wanted to spend on the children. Novey added that keys aren’t kept in all of the buses, but one had been hidden in bus 202 because it had multiple drivers.

“We want to make sure that people don’t think they can hop in a bus and find a key and take off. This is an usual occurrence, especially in Carteret County,” Novey said.

That two-hour delay Monday morning was so staffers could clean the seven vandalized buses, and the school system wanted to thoroughly check all 15 buses in the lot to make sure they were safe before they picked up students for class.

Man Decapitates Self After Domestic Dispute

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YORKTOWN, Va. — A Chicago man who quickly accelerated in a sport utility vehicle with a cable around his neck decapitated himself after a domestic dispute.  A sheriff’s deputy responding to a call of a domestic disturbance Tuesday was taking a statement from the man’s ex-wife when another deputy driving by noticed an SUV pulling a utility trailer that was on fire, York-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs told The Associated Press.Authorities said the man started the trailer fire.  A firefighter noticed a cable around the man’s neck that was attached to a tree.   When deputies tried to get the man to exit the SUV, he accelerated and was pulled from the vehicle and decapitated, authorities told the AP.   The SUV kept going for about 150 yards.  Diggs said the man and his ex-wife had quarreled over the man’s living arrangements.  “He was looking to relocate from Chicago to this area, and he wanted her to do more than she was willing to do,” Diggs said.

Drunk Moose Found Stuck In Apple Tree

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It was a dark, windy and rainy night when Per Johansson returned from work to his home in Saro just south of Gothenburg, Sweden.”It was raining really bad. In the wind I heard something screaming with a very dark voice,” Johansson told CNN.   “At first I wondered if it was the crazy neighbors, but then I heard it again and went and checked.   I saw something really big up in a tree in my neighbors’ yard and it was a moose.   It must have been drunk after eating fermented apples and as it was reaching out for more fruit it must have slipped and fallen into the tree.  “Johansson called the local fire and rescue department, which responded with a fire engine and a jeep with a winch.  “We got the alarm at 9.59 p.m. on September 6 that a moose was stuck in a tree,” said Anders Gardhagen, spokesman at the Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services.”When we arrived we used the winch to bend down the apple tree so the moose could get himself out of the tree.   Once free, the moose collapsed on the ground and fell asleep.   So we let him sleep it off and went back home” Gardhagen told CNN.”Moose are attracted by the apple trees, and in the autumn when the apples have fallen off the trees we normally have at least one of these cases of intoxication.   These apples, which ferment in their bellies, aren’t part of their natural food, so they can get quite angry from this drunkenness,” Gardhagen said.Johansson’s son, Gustav, who is about to turn 11, made sure to take lots of pictures of the ordeal.  “He is saving up to buy a PlayStation so he thought he would take pictures that he could sell,” Johansson said.CNN purchased three of Gustav’s pictures.  When dawn came the day after it was freed from the tree, the moose had not yet left.  “When I went out for the newspaper it was still laying there on the ground, sleeping.   By the time I left for work it was walking around the neighbor’s yard on very shaky legs.” Johansson said.  “Today the moose came back and walked around the yard,” he added. “I think it likes it here.”

Woman Accused Of Dog Abuse Wants Evidence Tossed

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BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A Plaistow woman accused of abusing two dogs by forcing objects including a cigarette lighter, a shower head and a 4-inch bolt down their throats is asking a judge to throw out some evidence prior to trial.   One of the dogs died.   Jamie Labbe has pleaded not guilty to cruelty to animals and criminal mischief. Her trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 14.   The Eagle-Tribune reports that Labbe recently filed a request with the court to have her statements to police suppressed.   In her motion, she says she was coerced into speaking with police and was taking prescription painkillers for a broken tailbone.   Authorities say she abused the German shepherds that belonged to her boyfriend in April in Sandown. Police did not say what led to the abuse.