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A bus matron in the Bronx has been arrested by police after being accused of attacking a 12-year-old autistic student Matthew Ortiz.

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“She took him by his neck, and she pushed him so hard,” mother Joanne Ortiz told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

It might have been an autistic child putting out his leg as a way of telling someone to stand back, but some say the matron on the bus may have thought it was a kick.

“And she hit him in his face,” his mother said.

Joanne Ortiz said she saw the bus matron hit her son, Matthew.

“I’m looking at her in shock, and I go, ‘did you just hit my son?’ That’s the first thing that came out of my mouth,” Ortiz said. “She said, ‘I’m not going to let your [expletive] son hit me.’

“She attacked me after that – physically. She went to beat me up,” she said.

When police from the 40th Precinct saw the bruise on the boy’s face, they arrested the matron, 40-year-old Gina Rosado. She was still in custody for most of the day Thursday, awaiting arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court.

Guzman spoke to Rosado’s manager, Debbie Lloyd, at Mar-Can Transportation.

“We have never had an incident with this matron…I think there have been a few situations with this particular parent…I definitely stand by this woman. This is way out of character,” Lloyd said.

“There should be cameras in these buses,” father Angel Ortiz said. “These kids, that cannot speak or protect themselves – there should be cameras in these buses.”

The bus company is hired by New York City. It has nothing to do with Matthew’s school in Westchester.

New York City’s Department of Education suspended Rosado until the investigation is completed.


Sikeston parents charged with murder in infant daughter’s death

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SIKESTON, Mo. — Authorities say a 17-month-old girl died Monday of blunt force trauma to her stomach — injuries comparable to what a medical examiner described as “being kicked like a football.”

The infant’s parents, Tabitha Hail, 25, and Robert Benjamin Ransom, 21, both of Sikeston, were charged Wednesday in connection with the death, accused of causing the child to bleed internally and failing to get her proper medical attention in a timely manner.

Hail and Ransom are charged with second-degree murder and child endangerment. Hail is also charged with child abuse resulting in a death.



Tabitha Hail

Sikeston police responded to the couple’s home Monday night after they received a 911 call regarding an unresponsive infant. The child was pronounced dead at Missouri Delta Medical Center. A medical examiner with the hospital noted external and internal bruising in the infant’s autopsy, according to a complaint filed with the court by Sikeston detective Andy Caton.

The autopsy showed bruising of the infant’s head and a kidney and laceration to the liver, which resulted in one liter of blood in the stomach, according to the court document. Caton said the examiner said a child the infant’s age would normally have only 1.5 liters of blood in its body.

Caton also writes in the affidavit that in interviews with police, Hail and Ransom claimed to not know how the child received such injuries. The couple also recalled for police events leading up to finding their daughter not breathing after sleeping in their bedroom. About an hour after Hail’s two older daughters returned home from school and then left again for the library, she lay down with Ransom and the child in their bed. Hail told police she thought she woke up when her older daughters came home from the library and Ransom told her the baby wasn’t moving or breathing and had vomited on her shirt.

Caton said in his affidavit there were several inconsistencies with stories the couple told earlier in the day, such as when Hail left to go buy cigarettes at a gas station near their home and meet with a friend to borrow cash.

The older daughters were also interviewed, according to the affidavit, and said they both get spankings from their mother, often with a belt or a hanger. Ransom said he never saw Hail hit her daughters.

Both are being held in the Scott County Jail on a $150,000 cash-only bond. The court has not set a date for them to appear before a judge.

Funeral Set For Austin Shooting Victims

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Family members and the Austin community are trying to come to grips with the shooting deaths of a mother and her three children.

Police said autopsies show 30-year-old Amanda Bennett and her three children, 4-year-old Ryan Bennett, 9-year-old Katelynn Bennett and 14-year-old Jasmine Abbott all died of gunshot wounds to the head. Smoke inhalation also contributed to Amanda and Katelynn’s deaths, officers said.

The family was found in their Austin home Friday afternoon. Detectives said the home had suffered fire damage, as well.

In the meantime, family members are still trying to understand what happened.

“She was a good girl. She didn’t deserve this,” Abbott’s aunt, Brittany Sprigler, said.

Sprigler said Abbott was supposed to spend the weekend with family in Clark County.

“They were just all good kids. None of them deserved it. I don’t know if she just snapped or what — I don’t’ know,” Sprigler said.

A family friend told WLKY that John Bennett recently moved out of the home and that he and Amanda Bennett were getting a divorce.

Detectives said they are investigating a website post that may have been written by Amanda Bennett before she died. It was titled “gone forever” and read “it’s time to take the pain away,” officials said.

“Jasmine wasn’t even Johnny’s kid. She was just there — wrong place, wrong time. I don’t know,” Sprigler said.

Amanda Bennett and her children spent Christmas with the rest of the family but Sprigler said she never suspected anything

“It was good. I mean, the best it could have been,” Sprigler said.

At businesses throughout southern Indiana, family members are collecting money to help pay for funeral costs.

“This community is going to be traumatized by something like this for a long time. Kids don’t forget things like this,” resident Gabriel Land said.

The children went to Austin schools in District 1 where Abbott was a cheerleader.

“She always said she wanted to graduate and do something good but she never said what,” Sprigler said.

Additional counselors will be at Austin schools Monday to help children deal with the loss of three classmates.

Family members have scheduled a visitation and funeral service for Bennett and her children.

The visitation will be on Tuesday from 2 to 8 p.m. at the First Christian Church on West McClain Avenue in Scottsburg.

The funeral will be on Wednesday at 11 p.m., also at the First Christian Church. The burial will be private.

Maggie Jean Worton Pleads Not Guilty In Son’s Meth-Laced Breastmilk Death

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HUMBOLDT, Calif. — A Northern California woman has pleaded not guilty to killing her 6-week-old baby by feeding him methamphetamine-laced breast milk.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Maggie Jean Wortman of Loleta used methamphetamine and passed it to her two children while breast-feeding.

Detectives arrested Wortman last week after a two-month investigation found her son died in November due to “methamphetamine toxicity.”

Wortman entered her plea Tuesday in Humboldt County Superior Court. She is charged with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child endangerment.

The Times-Standard of Eureka reports that authorities placed Wortman’s 19-month-old daughter in protective custody after she tested positive for methamphetamine.

Wortman faces a maximum prison sentence of nine years if convicted on all counts.

Man Sentenced To 15-30 Years For Child Assault

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A man convicted of assaulting his three children has been sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison.Prosecutors said Thomas Campo’s three children had several broken bones consistent with shaking in 2009. One child even had a bite mark, prosecutors said.The triplets were born on April 6, 2009, and investigators said that Campo began abusing them almost as soon as they went home from the hospital nursery.He was charged with 37 counts of assault. In court, prosecutors said that if the case had gone to trial, they would have had strong evidence against Campo, including his wife’s statement to a doctor that her husband loses his temper sometimes. They said Campo also made statements to police that he was under a lot of stress and sometimes squeezed the babies.”My client is remorseful, and he took responsibility for his actions,” said defense attorney Adam Bernstein. “That’s why he just did what he did.”A pretrial sentencing investigation resulted in a recommendation of 12 to 25 years, but the county attorney asked for a higher sentence, and the judge agreed.”It’s extremely disturbing what happened to these kids,” said Rockingham County Attorney Jim Reams. “We’re hoping to send a message. It shouldn’t happen to kids, and if it does, there will be significant ramifications and significant sentences.”The judge called Campo’s actions “awful offenses” and said the 15 to 30 years is appropriate. He was given three sentences of five to 10 years to be served consecutively.”It’s quite a lot of time to think behind bars,” Bernstein said. “I think under the circumstances, as far as a negotiated sentence, this was the best opportunity he could get.”The triplets, who are now nearly 2 years old, are in the care of their mother and said to be doing fine.”I would hope that they don’t have to remember it,” Reams said. “I hope it means nothing to them when they grow up.”Prosecutors said that if the case had gone to trial, Campo could have received three consecutive sentences of 10 to 30 years.

NH Man Killed After Driving Off Mass. Bridge

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AMESBURY, Mass. — A 64-year-old North Hampton man was killed after driving his car off a bridge in Newburyport, Mass., on Monday night, police said.  Police received calls at about 10:15 p.m. and began the rescue effort.   Divers located the car shortly after midnight and Charles Moncousky’s body was recovered.Moncousky was driving a 2002 Toyota Camry, which is owned by Total Air Supply, Inc., of Nashua, police said.Police said the drop from the Whittier Bridge to the Merrimac River is about 100 feet, and the car plunged through 20 feet of water to the river bottom.  The vehicle was recovered using a heavy-duty tow truck and the bridge was reopened to traffic.  Police are investigating what caused the accident.