Woman Accused Of Dog Abuse Wants Evidence Tossed



BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A Plaistow woman accused of abusing two dogs by forcing objects including a cigarette lighter, a shower head and a 4-inch bolt down their throats is asking a judge to throw out some evidence prior to trial.   One of the dogs died.   Jamie Labbe has pleaded not guilty to cruelty to animals and criminal mischief. Her trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 14.   The Eagle-Tribune reports that Labbe recently filed a request with the court to have her statements to police suppressed.   In her motion, she says she was coerced into speaking with police and was taking prescription painkillers for a broken tailbone.   Authorities say she abused the German shepherds that belonged to her boyfriend in April in Sandown. Police did not say what led to the abuse.


2 Responses to “Woman Accused Of Dog Abuse Wants Evidence Tossed”

  1. well i know that girl and she is a caring and a loving person and i hope that they will dismiss the case.

  2. living life Says:

    Kind of just makes you wonder? Were these horrible acts really done by Jamie or was it a set up to put her in jail. If she is in jail then she cannot have custody of her 2 year old son who resides with the boyfriend.I pray that god helps to punish whoever is lying and reward who is innocent in this case.

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