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Missing Southampton man found dead in New Hampshire

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HINSDALE, NH – A Southampton man missing since Tuesday was found deceased inside his SUV in a parking lot in New Hampshire, Southampton police reported Saturday afternoon.

Christopher Campbell, 30, was last seen Tuesday driving in his Mitsubishi Montero. Southampton police publicized a report of his disappearance two days later and the search has been ongoing until the grim discovery.

Around 10 a.m. Saturday, local police in the New Hampshire town of Hinsdale found Campbell lifeless inside his vehicle in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store. The cause of death is not considered suspicious, police said.

The place where Campbell was found is about an hour drive from his home in Western Massachusetts and just over the eastern Vermont border.

The investigation by Southampton police is ongoing in cooperation with New Hampshire authorities.


Westford school lunches kept in poor conditions

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WESTFORD, Mass. — Sick students lead to a disgusting discovery in Westford. Their school lunch was kept next to insects and rodent droppings – And that’s not all.

Rat droppings and urine on a box holding school lunch trays.

“It’s gross. It’s not something I’d want my kids eating at school,” said Julie Ferreira, parent.

The Board of Health started investigating when 70 students all missed school on the same day because of a stomach virus earlier this month.

And while the virus wasn’t caused by the bad conditions, what they found in the old rundown and apparently rat infested building is forcing the Westford School District to throw away more than $10,000 in food and supplies.

“In an old building like that I guess I wasn’t necessarily surprised that they would have found some rodent droppings, but that’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable to them and it’s not acceptable to any of us,” said Westford Schools Superintendent Everett Olsen.

Olsen says no food in the freezer or in any of the cans was contaminated. Even the trays are wrapped in plastic.

“You think that with obviously multiple people going in to retrieve things that it would have been noticed before then or something would have been addressed previously,” said Diane Cadogan, parent.

Some photos show boxes containing peas dating 2008, but the superintendent says expired food was never served to students and never will be now that it’s all going in the trash.

“It’s the safest thing to do. I wouldn’t compromise the safety of any child,” said Olsen.

It will cost thousands to toss out, but parents say it’s well worth it.

“If it’s rat droppings and things like that, I think it’s a great decision,” said Pratima Vasiragua, parent.

The Westford superintendent says the reason they didn’t store the food at individual schools was just because there wasn’t enough room. He says now they will order is smaller quantities and will keep it at the schools.

Saved from mud

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GREENFIELD — Eighty-nine-year-old Emelda Luippold was awakened from a sound sleep Monday morning at 5:45 to the sound of banging on her front door. When she opened it, two firefighters told her she had to get dressed and leave. ‘They told me I was being evacuated because the hill behind my house had collapsed and it was coming down into my yard,’ said Luippold, of 28 Meridian St. ‘When I went into the bathroom to get dressed, I pulled the curtain and looked out to my back yard,’ she said. ‘I’m still in shock. It’s like a dream. I never saw anything like this.’ What Luippold saw was devastating, she said. ‘My car was covered with at least 2 feet of mud, and mud was crawling up my back steps to my door,’ she said. ‘I never thought something like this would happen here.’ The mud came from the Green River Cemetery at the top of a bluff that rises above her backyard. After several days of milder temperatures, which melted large amounts of snow, and then a day and a half of heavy rains, the hill’s edge behind Luippold’s house gave way.

NH Man Killed After Driving Off Mass. Bridge

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AMESBURY, Mass. — A 64-year-old North Hampton man was killed after driving his car off a bridge in Newburyport, Mass., on Monday night, police said.  Police received calls at about 10:15 p.m. and began the rescue effort.   Divers located the car shortly after midnight and Charles Moncousky’s body was recovered.Moncousky was driving a 2002 Toyota Camry, which is owned by Total Air Supply, Inc., of Nashua, police said.Police said the drop from the Whittier Bridge to the Merrimac River is about 100 feet, and the car plunged through 20 feet of water to the river bottom.  The vehicle was recovered using a heavy-duty tow truck and the bridge was reopened to traffic.  Police are investigating what caused the accident.

Former Chief Accused Of Trading Drugs, Money For Sex

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SEABROOK, N.H. — A former Massachusetts police chief who lives in Seabrook has been accused of trading drugs and cash for sex with women accused of crimes.  David L’Esperance, 50, resigned as chief of police in Salisbury, Mass., last week after he was placed on paid leave in early December.  Salisbury called in an independent investigator to look into allegations of illegal activity that surfaced while police on the Seacoast were investigating a series of burglaries. One of the burglary suspects accused L’Esperance of illegal activity unconnected to the burglaries.When the investigator tried to interview L’Esperance on Jan. 18, he abruptly resigned, the town said.The investigator submitted a 31-page report to the town that alleges, among other things, that L’Esperance had sex with women charged with crimes, provided them with illegal drugs and cash, interfered with arrests and falsified police reports.”We will be forwarding the report to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for whatever action they may deem necessary, whatever prosecution, if any, they feel is necessary,” said Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington.L’Esperance could not be reached for comment. A neighbor, Richard Janvrin, called L’Esperance “an excellent guy” who would go out of his way to be helpful.”Like, the other day, I needed an egg to make something,” Janvrin said. “He said, ‘I don’t have any, but I’ll give you a ride up the store.’ I mean, he didn’t have to do that. But it’s just that if he can, he will.”Neighbors said they don’t believe the allegations against him, pointing out that many of his accusers are known criminals.

Peeing Cop Brandishes Gun At Man

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BOSTON — A Framingham police detective has been indicted on charges that he threatened a citizen and brandished a firearm, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said Thursday.   Scott Brown, 38, of Mendon, was indicted Thursday by a Middlesex Superior Court grand jury on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and making threats, Leone said.  According to investigators, on April 29, 2010, Brown, who was working but not in uniform and was driving an unmarked vehicle, was urinating on private property when a woman at the property went outside to ask what he was doing.  When the woman approached him, Brown, who was with his partner, identified by the MetroWest Daily News as Detective Leonard Pini, told the woman to “stop looking,” investigators said.  As Brown and Pini began to drive off, the woman’s husband rode up on a golf cart and confronted them.  When Brown and the man got into an argument, Brown got out of the car, drew his gun and pointed it at the man, saying “move it or get shot,” according to Leone.  An arraignment date for Brown has not yet been set.

DA: Athol woman was strangled

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ATHOL, Mass. (AP) – Authorities say an Athol woman found dead in her home shortly after her husband’s body was discovered in the Connecticut River had been strangled.

Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel tells The Daily Hampshire Gazette that an autopsy completed Tuesday determined that Joanne Johnson’s death was a homicide and the manner of death was strangulation.

The body of her husband, Eric Johnson, was pulled from the river in Erving at about 10 a.m. Sunday after it was spotted by a fisherman. Joanne Johnson was found dead in the couple’s home a short time later.

Scheibel says their deaths appear to be a murder-suicide, but the investigation is ongoing. Autopsy results on Eric Johnson’s body are pending.

The couple had two young children.