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Woman accused of castrating man with bare hands

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Police in Shelby say they arrested a woman over the weekend after she squeezed a man’s testicles out of his scrotum.

Joyce Maxine Gregory, 35, is charged with malicious castration and assault inflicting serious bodily injury, according to Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford.

Police say Gregory got into an argument with an older man Saturday morning. When he went outside to call 911 she followed him and grabbed his scrotum.

The man ran to a nearby rescue squad building for help.

Police were sent to the residence on Bowman Street to arrest Gregory. When she was placed in the patrol car, she pulled down her pants and urinated in the backseat.

Gregory’s bond was set at $20,000.


Arrest Made After School Bus Joyride

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A Carteret County woman was arrested after investigators said she vandalized seven school buses before stealing one of them, wanting to take it about 3,000 miles to California.

It was a very strange start to the school week Monday at Morehead City Primary School, as parents were told school would start late because seven buses were vandalized.

Morehead City Police said Jillian Tetterton, 22, showed up at Morehead City Primary School intoxicated very early Monday morning. Carteret County Superintendent Dr. Dan Novey said seven school buses were vandalized. The doors were pried open, fire extinguisher foam had been sprayed everywhere and the contents of the bus were thrown all over the place, but that wasn’t all. Police said Tetteron found a hidden key in a bus for special needs children and drove it to a friend’s house with plans to take it to California.

“It was ridiculous, I couldn’t believe someone rolled up in my house with a stolen school bus,” Benjamin Gutherie said.

Guthrie says his wife, Crystal, was an former friend of Tetterton. Guthrie said Tetterton had been over at their house Sunday night because Tetterton was going through a bad breakup, but she then disappeared. Guthrie and his wife looked for her, but couldn’t find her. Hours later, Guthrie said, Tetterton showed up at the house with the school bus saying she wanted to go to California. Guthrie said he wanted nothing to do with it, so he called the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office. Jillian Tetterton was arrested and charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, eight charges of breaking and entering in a motor vehicle, five counts of damage to property and DWI, according to police.

“I just thank the lord she didn’t kill somebody on her way back here,” said Tammy Mercer, Gutherie’s mother-in-law.

Gutherie, meanwhile, said Tetterton is no longer welcome in his home.

“People get drunk and what not, as long as they have someone around to take care of them, I’m OK with that,” Guthrie said, “but when you start showing up with stolen school buses, that’s where I draw the line.”

Novey said the situation is frustrating because the school will have to spend money on cleaning and repairing the buses and they say that’s money they wanted to spend on the children. Novey added that keys aren’t kept in all of the buses, but one had been hidden in bus 202 because it had multiple drivers.

“We want to make sure that people don’t think they can hop in a bus and find a key and take off. This is an usual occurrence, especially in Carteret County,” Novey said.

That two-hour delay Monday morning was so staffers could clean the seven vandalized buses, and the school system wanted to thoroughly check all 15 buses in the lot to make sure they were safe before they picked up students for class.

Woman Accused Of Dog Abuse Wants Evidence Tossed

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BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A Plaistow woman accused of abusing two dogs by forcing objects including a cigarette lighter, a shower head and a 4-inch bolt down their throats is asking a judge to throw out some evidence prior to trial.   One of the dogs died.   Jamie Labbe has pleaded not guilty to cruelty to animals and criminal mischief. Her trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 14.   The Eagle-Tribune reports that Labbe recently filed a request with the court to have her statements to police suppressed.   In her motion, she says she was coerced into speaking with police and was taking prescription painkillers for a broken tailbone.   Authorities say she abused the German shepherds that belonged to her boyfriend in April in Sandown. Police did not say what led to the abuse.

Calif school closed amid molestation investigation

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A California private school has been deserted and closed by the state as police investigate allegations that its principal inappropriately touched young girls for years and that at least one staff member was aware of activities but failed to tell authorities.

A complaint filed by the Department of Social Services stated that several female students said they had been touched by Robert B. Adams, principal and founder of Creative Frontiers School in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights.

“On numerous occasions, respondent Adams touched female children’s bodies under their shirts and down their pants,” the complaint said.

It went on to say that Adams — whom students referred to as “Mr. Bob” — also would “seclude female children under a computer desk and lie down with them on a mat in his office.”

Police said Adams was the focus of the investigation but had not been arrested.

“I have to point out Mr. Adams is not under arrest and an arrest warrant has not been issued,” Citrus Heights police spokesman Jon Kempf said. “Due to the sensitive nature of this investigation, we want to move slowly and cautiously.”

The campus was empty Tuesday, with a sign posted on the office saying the school had been closed by the state. Swim towels had been left hanging to dry on a wire fence near the pool, and a sign-in sheet for parents dangled on a clipboard.

Adams could not be reached at the school, or at his home in Folsom, where white garbage bags had been taped to windows on the side of the front door in an apparent attempt to prevent people from looking in.

Shades were closed at the yellow, two-story house with a wraparound front porch.

Kempf said there were more than 10 children involved but declined to say exactly how many or if they were part of the campus pre-school or elementary school.

He said police had served search warrants and seized evidence from Adams’ home and from the school that’s attended by about 180 students.

Some of the alleged incidents dated back 15 years, police said.

Adams’ attorney, Linda Parisi, said her client was saddened by the accusations.

“We’re absolutely shocked. These are completely unfounded and we’re confident that it will be clear when the investigation is over there is no foundation to the accusations,” Parisi said.

She said with the exception of one disgruntled employee, there has never been a sustained complaint made against Adams or the school, which he founded in 1975.

A former receptionist, Irma Mertens, 62, told The Sacramento Bee that she made five calls to the state before investigators took her complaints seriously. She said she quit her job in May and gave police a spiral notebook filled with notes of everything she had seen.

No one answered the door at Mertens’ home Tuesday afternoon when The Associated Press sought comment.

The Department of Social Services complaint listed an office administrator, Cynthia Higgins, as being aware of some of the allegations but failing to report anything to authorities. Attempts by the AP to reach Higgins were unsuccessful, and telephone messages left at the school over two days were not returned.

Parents said they were surprised by the allegations against Adams. Some were posting messages of support on the school’s Facebook page.

Parent Cristina Azocar said outside the school that she found the allegations difficult to believe.

“I didn’t have any bad feelings about him,” said the 43-year-old mother, whose 3½-year-old son had been in a summer daycare program at the site before it was closed.

“I actually thought he was pretty nice. The kids seemed to be attached to him and that was one of the things that sold me on the school,” she said.

Others said they were reacting cautiously until more information comes to light.

Shannon Panora was shocked to be greeted by police officers on Monday, when she arrived at Creative Frontiers to pick up her 5-year-old son from daycare. Even if the school reopens, she said she would not send her son back to the campus.

“Whether or not Mr. Adams is guilty or innocent, I can’t take that chance with my son. I can’t,” she said. “And it’s not fair to my son’s health and safety.”

Creative Frontiers School serves children in preschool up to sixth grade and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Tuition to attend for a full school year is $6,507, according to the website.

The campus is located in a middle class, suburban setting, about 20 miles northeast of the state capital has

A rally in support of Adams had been planned by his daughter Tuesday afternoon at the school, but it was postponed.

The school’s website says Adams was honored in 2008 as administrator of the year by the Professional Association for Childhood Education, a nonprofit organization for early childhood educators and professionals.

Couple accused in child’s scalding are indicted

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DAYTON — The mother of a 3-year-old girl who suffered severe scalding burns and the mother’s boyfriend were both indicted Friday on felony charges.

The grand jury approved four counts of child endangering for Jeremy R. Ely, 27. Two of those charges are second-degree felonies punishable by up to eight years in prison. The other two are third-degree felonious punishable by up to five years.

Christina Allen.jpg

Christina Allen
Jeremy R. Ely.jpg

Jeremy R. Ely

The grand jury approved two counts of complicity to commit child endangering for Christina Allen, 26. Both are third-degree felonies. The grand jury also indicted Allen on a misdemeanor count of child endangering.

The indictment comes one week after the girl’s grandmother alerted police to the child’s wounds. Allen, 26, of 1344 Huffman Ave., and Ely, 27, were arrested the same day and remain in the Montgomery County Jail.

Ely told police the child hurt herself while using a faucet where he told her to wash up from a potty-training accident, police said.

After the grandmother contacted them, Dayton police found the child suffering from severe burns to her hands and marks on her body that appeared to have been inflicted by a belt. The burns were two weeks old at that time, police said.

Allen tried to treat the burns using over- the-counter medication. Allen told police she didn’t take the child to the hospital because she feared Ely would hurt her, Dayton Sgt. Larry Tolpin said.

Ely told police he avoided taking the child to a hospital because he is a registered sex offender and didn’t want children’s services to be notified, Tolpin said.

The child, treated at Children’s Medical Center for second-degree burns, then placed in the custody of Montgomery County Children Services, Tolpin said.

‘Don’t say gay’ bill passes in Tennessee Senate, would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality

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The Tennessee Senatepassed a bill on Friday that would bar teachers from discussing homosexuality with elementary and middle school students.

Under the legislation, dubbed by critics as the “don’t say gay” bill, any instruction in public classrooms will be “limited exclusively to age-appropriate natural human reproduction science.”

Republican Stacey Campfield, the bill’s sponsor, says “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce” and has argued families should decide when its appropriate to talk with their children about homosexuality.

But gay rights activists are blasting the legislation, which passed 6-3, as a form of discrimination.

It “limits what teachers and students are able to discuss in the classroom,” Ben Byers of the Tennessee Equality Project told LBGTQ Nation. “It means they can’t talk about gay issues or sexuality even with students who may be gay or have gay family.”

It’s unlikely that the bill will be taken up by the House before lawmakers adjourn this spring, but Campfield said he would push it forward in 2012.

The bill, which was approved 19-11, passed the same day as Gallup released a poll revealing that American attitudes towards homosexuality are changing.

For the first time in Gallup polling history, the majority of Americans—53% believe same-sex marriage should be legal.

Passage of the bill would make Tennessee the first state to enact such legislation.

Initially, the bill read that no students will “provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.” Campfield said some of his colleagues were uncomfortable the language.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” Campfield said after the legislation passed. “I got what I wanted.”

Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teenager

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A science teacher in Wallingford, accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager appeared in court Wednesday.  Police said 35-year-old Mario Fusco, of Middlebury, turned himself in to police Tuesday after police issued a warrant for his arrest.Investigators said a 19-year-old came to them and admitted to having a relationship with Fusco beginning when she was 14-years-old.Police said they served a search warrant on Sunday and seized several items from the home that may be related to the case.Police said to the best of their knowledge the victim was not a student in the Wallingford School District where Fusco has worked since 2000 or the Wallingford Alternative High School where he teaches science.  “Obviously, we recognize the fact he is a teacher in our district.   And were trying to reach out to him to have a conversation and take the appropriate actions that are necessary,” said School Superintendent Salvatore Menzo.